In order to optimize our order and invoice process, Randstad Groep Nederland (Randstad bv, Tempo Team bv and Yacht bv) and Randstad N.V. started using the software of Esize in October 2017. This is a “Purchase to Pay” system in which all the orders and invoices are bundled together with the contract information of the given supplier. It enables Randstad to have more control over the spend and also the contractual obligations that we have with suppliers.

In the new situation, employees at Randstad will place an 'order' for any given product or service they require. This order will go through the workflow authorisation and when approved, it will be sent to the supplier that is granted the order.

Suppliers will send us the invoice, using the order number, which will be matched with the initial order. If this matches, the supplier will get paid within the 30 day payment period. If not, the invoice will be put on hold and contact will be made with the supplier.

This process will give Randstad and her suppliers the opportunity to save a lot of time and costs.

e-mail address

In the new process, your organisation will send the invoice to a centralised e-mail address All invoices will go through this e-mail address, you can’t send the invoices to your contact within the Randstad Groep Nederland and/or Randstad N.V. organisation (anymore). For questions surrounding (the payment of) invoices please contact Account payable via

order number

Your organisation will receive an order via e-mail, including an order number. You can find an example on this supplier page. The order number needs to be present on the invoice, and will replace the cost center and cost type which you used to use on your invoices. In the new process it won’t be possible to send collective invoices. Therefore, for faster processing, invoices have to be send for each order.

Attention: in case there are still outstanding invoices without order number, please do use the cost center and cost type.

invoice as xml-file

In addition to PDF, you are now able to send invoices in XML format. An invoice as XML-file will increase the processing speed of your invoice. Please use the XML format UBL 2.1 or SI-UBL. If you would also like to send invoices in XML format to Randstad, please send a request to and we will send you the required information.