bike courier jobs

  • Dordrecht
  • € 6,20 - 11,00 per uur
  • 6 - 40 uur
  • Utrecht
  • € 6,20 - 11,00 per uur
  • 6 - 40 uur
  • Apeldoorn
  • € 6,20 - 11,00 per uur
  • 6 - 40 uur

Working as a bike courier is simply is one of the best English speaking delivery jobs in cities such as Amsterdam.

what are the benefits of working as a bike courier?

  • keep fit while you work
  • it's a very flexible job: work when you want and as much as you want 
  • you get paid per week and per hour, so you don't have to hurry delivering the orders
  • you get to know the city very well
  • as a bike courier you are in charge of your own working schedule
  • the tips you receive are all yours of course

how does a bike courier job look like?

As a bike courier, you enjoy cycling around the city to deliver meals ordered online to customers. Via the app on your phone you can see at which restaurant you have to pick up the order. While waiting, you can check your social media or chat with colleagues who are also waiting for an order. You take the order from the restaurant and get back on your bike. On to the customer! Fortunately, you get paid per hour, so you don't have to hurry. This way you can enjoy the sun and see a lot of the city. The customer is happy to see you when you knock at the door. Do you also get a tip from the customer? You can keep it for yourself! Ready for the next order?

bike courier as a full-time job or as a side job.

As a bike courier you decide when you work and how much you want to work. Full-time, part-time or a few hours? That's up to you! The advantage is that you get paid by the hour, so you don't have to hurry to earn your salary. Safety comes first, of course. Sounds good already right?

what are the requirements for becoming a bike courier?

As a bicycle courier, you do not need to have any training, diplomas or specific skills. Speaking Dutch or English fluently, knowing how to ride a bike and having a smartphone including internet and a powerbank is enough. The diversity within the teams makes working so much fun. Your network is growing enormously and between work you have time to chat with your colleagues.

apply as a bike courier

Applying as a bike courier is very simple: you look for a delivery job in your area, press apply and we will call you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities. >> view all bicycle courier vacancies here

what is a nice company to work for as a bike courier? is highly recommended. As a bike courier at you deliver food by bike. At, in addition to a good salary, you also receive many extra bonuses, for example during peak hours and a kilometer allowance. You can also keep your earned tip to yourself. Because you are in charge of your own schedule, you have a lot of flexibility. Ideal as a side job! Prefer to work full-time? That is of course also possible. And the great thing is that has delivery jobs all over the country. So there is always a job to be found near you. Read more about working at here.

takeaway vacatures at thuisbezorgd

Check out this video about bicycle courier jobs at Thuisbezorgd:

takeaway careers: frequently asked questions

  • why working as a bike courier at takeaway?
    • it's an active job, so you don't have to pay anymore for the gym subscription
    • fun colleagues and a divers team with a friendly and international work environment
    • a lot of flexibility and freedom: you are in charge of your working schedule
    • career opportunities closeby
    • you can start directly and you get paid every week
    • you get paid per hour instead of order, so the job is not stressfull
    • the tips you receive are all yours
    • insurance and always support in case there is anything 
  • what do you earn as a bike courier at takeaway?

    as a bike courier at takeaway you earn:

    • 16 years: €6.20 p/h
    • 17 years: €6.63 p/h
    • 18 years: €7.14 p/h
    • 19 years: €7.65 p/h
    • 20 years: €8.16 p/h
    • 21+ years: €11 p/h

    Additionally you will receive:

    • 8.33% holiday allowance and you will save holiday hours
    • the tip you receive is for you
    • do you use your own bicycle? Then you will receive a reimbursement of €0.10 per kilometer cycled. Do you have an e-bike? Then you even get €0.19 per kilometer cycled
    • a citybonus of €0.50 per hour when you work in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Den Haag or Utrecht
    • also, you get a peak bonus of €1 per order on top of your salary during the weekend when you work in Amsterdam

  • is the job bike courier suitable for me?

    Do you enjoy being sporty and don't you like an office job? Then this job is suitable. It's not a stressful job. You will have a lot of flexibility and you will get a lot of fun colleagues. But that's not it: you will get to know the city by heart and within no time you will know the best restaurants in your city. And not forget to mention: people are happy to see you at the door, so it's a very social job.

  • how can I apply for takeaway jobs?

    It's very easy. You can look for vacancies within your neighbourhood and apply for the specific job. However, we also understand that applying can be daunting, so you can also just send us an email via: We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities. Sounds like a plan right?