If you are looking for multilingual talent, you have come to the right place! At Randstad multilingual, we specialize in recruitment of international employees. We can assist in fulfilling both temporary and permanent roles. At Randstad multilingual, we like to work with dedicated candidates, looking for serious opportunities to take the next step in their careers. 

Our main focus lies on recruiting talent ranging from entry level jobs to senior, specialist positions in the following fields:

  • account management
  • sales support & inside sales
  • customer support
  • marketing, HR & finance
  • broad administrative roles

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We actively maintain a network of diverse talent with one thing in common: all candidates speak an additional language next to english and/or dutch. Through this network we strive to offer you the quickest and best solution for your recruitment needs. Through Randstad Multilingual, you gain access to a very scarce group of talents. 

The multilingual team consists of international recruiters who easily identify with our candidates. We always aim to personally connect with our candidates, in order to make the best judgement of the cultural fit with your company. We have a thorough intake process, which we can tailor to fit your needs.

Before starting the recruitment process, we want to get to know you, your company and what the team looks like. In order to achieve this, we always prefer to schedule a call to discuss the role, or visit your office. This gives us a better understanding of the company culture, working environment and requirements.

Also, we take this opportunity to advise you on what the international candidate market looks like and the expectations of these multilingual professionals when they are looking for the next step. 

After getting a good overview of the role and your company, we first engage our network of international talents, to look for the quickest and best solution. Many times, we have someone available right away. If not, we publish the vacancy on our website and international jobboards and start working on actively sourcing the right candidate. Below you will read more elaborately about the steps we take in order to make the right match for your company.

  • what our recruitment process looks like
    1. a (short) phone interview
    2. a video call or personal interview. Here we take the time to get to know the candidate, discuss previous experience and motivation
    3. a reference check, which we do through our online reference tool
    4. we introduce the candidate with our impression of them and the reference report
    5. the following steps vary depending on your preferred procedure. We mediate the entire process and we update you regularly