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Working at ASML via Randstad means making career steps with a top employer. As market leader in technology and logistics, Randstad knows better than anyone that the right certificates are decisive for your career. Randstad and ASML offer you the opportunity to develop and grow in your field. View the training options.


Working at ASML means working for a top employer in technology. ASML is the largest manufacturer of chip machines in the world and uses the most progressive and advanced techniques. The chips that are made with these machines can be found in your laptop, tablet or smartphone, for example. ASML is located in the Eindhoven region, the High Tech heart of Europe.

benefits of working at ASML via Randstad

  • salary and additional allowances in accordance with the collective labor agreement of ASML
  • pension accrual after 8 weeks and the option to take over your current pension
  • free (career) guidance by an experienced intermediary
  • discount on your health insurance
  • good development and growth opportunities
  • working for a listed multinational in the technique

FAQ about english speaking jobs in the netherlands

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  • can I work in The Netherlands if I only speak English?
  • is The Netherlands English-friendly?

    Almost everyone speaks (basic) English! This makes The Netherlands definitely English-friendly. In fact, The Netherlands is the highest-rated non-native English of all countries in the world! You will notice that in bigger cities people are more used to switching between English and Dutch, but don't worry: also in smaller cities, you can communicate in English. Are you thinking about working in The Netherlands? Make sure to check out our page with all the information about jobs in The Netherlands

  • can you get a job in Amsterdam without speaking Dutch?

    Of course! There are a lot of jobs in Amsterdam where you can work without speaking Dutch. Most of the jobs require you to speak English though. You can check out all the vacancies in Amsterdam or even make a vacancy alert to get all the new jobs directly in your inbox. 

  • what is a good salary in the Netherlands?

    That depends on the sector and job you get! We have a very handy tool for you to check what a good salary for a specific job is in The Netherlands. Check out our salary checker.

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