a suitable solution for highly skilled migrants

payrolling a highly skilled migrant in the netherlands

Hiring a highly skilled migrant is complex and time-consuming because of the many rules and regulations regarding the residence permit. In addition, it is a requirement to be registered as a recognized sponsor with the IND. Hence, payrolling is a smart and suitable solution for you as an employer. 

what is the meaning of payroll?

Payroll is a service in which the payroll company takes over the legal employership from you, with additional benefits than just outsourcing the salary administration. You handle the recruitment of payroll employees yourself, set their salaries, and keep full supervision over their activities. The payroll company takes over the employers’ administrative tasks, such as, labor contracts, annual income statements, salary administration, and pension. You reduce the risks and legal obligations of being an employer by outsourcing these responsibilities. Moreover, this will ensure a compliant and smooth process. Read more about payrolling through Randstad.

what are the benefits of highly skilled migrants through a payroll company?

As a payroll company we have years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the field of payrolling highly skilled migrants. We are a recognized sponsor with the IND and can take care of all legal & administrative tasks. This way you prevent risks and worries in regards to:

  • facilitating the steps that have to be taken with the IND, such as applying for/extending a residence permit

  • drawing up the employment contract

  • the remuneration of the highly skilled migrant

  • proactive advice on salary, legislation and regulations and contract duration

  • a smooth start of the highly skilled migrant

  • a personal and competent advisor

Because we take all these tasks off your hands, you can avoid risks and worries. Making it easier to focus on your own work. Do you want more information in Dutch? Please click here. Would you like to know more about the pricing via Randstad? Here you can find more information about costs and rates. Would you first like to meet us or do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact us or make an online appointment, we are happy to help.

how does it work via randstad?

Did you find a qualified candidate with a nationality from outside an EU-, EEA-country or Switzerland and you are considering outsourcing their employment through our payroll service? Then all you have to do is register this person with us and pass on the assignment details. To set-up the collaboration with us, fill out this form and we will guide you through the process.

Our colleagues Max and Luka will call you within one business day to go over the assignment, rate and other conditions. Do we have an agreement? Then you can register the highly skilled migrant in our Randstad portal.

Afterwards we take care of the rest:

  • when we receive the application, we verify all the employee's documents and check the terms of employment with the applicable laws and regulations. After this, we start the application for the permit with the IND

  • once the IND has granted the status of highly skilled migrant, we draw up the contract

  • you will automatically receive a message from us when the employee is ready to start

  • your employee will then work under your management and supervision in your organization, but on our payroll. We will send you the invoice with the agreed rate 

Throughout the process, we accompany the highly skilled migrant for a smooth process.

we have years of knowledge and experience with payrolling highly skilled migrants

Our years of experience make us experts in this field. We give you quick and adequate advice and comply with applicable laws and regulations. We also ensure correct and timely salary payments. In addition, we offer support throughout the entire process from registration to assignment, for both you and the highly skilled migrant. In short, if you choose us, you choose a personalized approach.

asked questions

  • what qualifies as a highly skilled migrant in the netherlands?

    We call highly educated personnel from outside the EU to the Netherlands highly skilled migrants. Foreign students, from outside the EU, who continue to work in the Netherlands after their search year can also fall under the definition of highly skilled migrant.

  • when can candidates qualify for the highly skilled migrant arrangement?

    Highly skilled migrants with a nationality from outside an EU-, EEA-country or Switzerland may be eligible for the highly skilled migrant arrangement, if they meet the following requirements:


    • have a valid passport 

    • are a resident in The Netherlands during his or her employment

    • have an employment contract with the employer

    • their employer is an IND-recognized sponsor for highly skilled migrants. If you choose a payroll construction through Randstad, we are the formal employer of the highly skilled migrant. The advantage of this is that you do not have to be a recognized referent as a hirer

    • earn a sufficient income that meets the highly skilled migrant salary criterion and is in line with the market 

    • are not a threat the to the public order or national security and have a foreigner's background statement

    • willing to undergo a tuberculosis examination after arrival (required in specific cases)

  • what is the highly skilled migrant salary criterion in 2023?

    If you want to hire a highly skilled migrant, you must adhere to the salary criterion that applies to highly skilled migrants. This criterion is indexed annually. The monthly criterion, excluding (at least 8%) vacation pay, in 2023 is:


    • highly skilled migrant over 30: €5,008

    • highly skilled migrant younger than 30: €3,672

    • after the end of a search year: € 2,631

    It is important to note that this is a nominal criterion that must be met regardless of the scope of employment.

  • what are the lead times before a highly skilled migrant can start working for me?

    This depends on a number of factors. For example, the current place of residence, residence status of the employee in question and the processing time of the IND. During the application process we will keep you posted about the progress. 


    The IND aims to decide on the application within 2 weeks (within 90 days at the latest). We arrange all matters, which are outside the IND, within 10 working days. In short, from submitting the application, things can be arranged quickly.

  • must the highly skilled migrant work through randstad for a certain period of time?

    There are no deadlines attached to this. 


    As soon as you are a recognized sponsor, you can enter into an employment contract with the employee. You can then decide for yourself whether our payroll service is still beneficial to you or whether you prefer to be the employer of the highly skilled migrant.


    In our experience, the prospect of a longer stay motivates employees.

  • how is the supervision of the highly skilled migrant arranged?

    Our team of experts are ready to support the highly skilled migrant. We apply for the permit at the IND, we give the highly skilled migrant advice, ensure a warm welcome at Randstad and clear explanations about how living and working in the Netherlands works. For example, we help the highly skilled migrant apply for the 30% ruling. The highly skilled migrant is also given access to training and education offered by Randstad.


    Training and coaching the highly skilled migrant on the job is the responsibility of your organization.

  • what is the 30% tax ruling for highly skilled migrants?

    If you're coming to work in the Netherlands, you might find that living here can be more expensive than in your home country. In such situations, your employer can help cover these extra costs without taxing the compensation. Another option is for your employer to give you 30% of your salary, which includes extra living expenses, and this money is tax-free. This is called the 30% facility. You can read more about in on this website of the government of the Netherlands.

  • what does it cost to payroll a highly skilled migrant?
  • what is a visa sponsorship for highly skilled migrants in the netherlands?

    When highly skilled migrants choose to work through a payroll company in the Netherlands, the payroll company becomes their official employer and sponsors their residence permit. The process is quite similar to when the employer sponsors directly. However, it's important that the payroll company is recognized by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). The migrant will still need a job offer and a minimum salary that meets Dutch requirements, and they can apply for a residence permit to work through the payroll company. It's a way to make the immigration process smoother for highly skilled workers.

  • what does it mean to be an IND recognized sponsor?

    As Randstad, we're an IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) sponsor for highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands, meeting criteria to facilitate their employment and immigration. This makes the whole process easier and more reliable for everyone involved, from the employers to the skilled workers.