reporting complaints and abuses

Randstad has a business code of conduct which encourages all employees and clients to act professionally and decently. If you nevertheless have a complaint or a problem, it is our assumption that a satisfactory solution should be sought by agreement as far as possible, together with the contact.
Unable to resolve the situation? If this is the case, the following options are available:

  1. Reporting the complaint to the Quality Line: reporting a problem, complaint or disagreement.
  2. This is our procedure for reporting a misconduct.

reporting complaints: quality line

Complaints end up at the Quality Line of Randstad Nederland. This reporting centre handles complaints received by telephone, in writing and by e-mail immediately. The Quality Line records these complaints and supervises the settlement process. The Quality Line can be reached as follows:

Randstad Nederland
Attn. Centraal Meldpunt Klachten
PO Box 12600
1100 AP Amsterdam Zuidoost
Phone 0800 4000 240
Or use the forms:

procedure for reporting complaints

The recipient records the complaint in the Randstad complaints form. He or she reads the description of the complaint until the client declares that it accepts it in full. He or she informs the client of the further handling of the complaint.

The manager responsible will be informed immediately, so that action can be taken without delay. The manager receives the complaints form by e-mail. The manager must contact the client within at most two working days of the complaint being received by the Quality Line. If possible, the complaint will be resolved or the measures that can be taken will be coordinated.

After handling of the complaint, the manager completes the complaints form in full and returns this to the Complaints Reporting Center.