how it works

Could you use an extra bonus? Well then it's your lucky day! You can now earn an bonus up to € 150 by bringing a friend, roommate or someone else you know, to start working at Just Eat Takeaway! Good news, right? And the rules are simple:

  • you work at Just Eat Takeaway (Thuisbezorgd) via Randstad at the moment and you applied via Randstad back in the day
  • the person that you know is not working at Just Eat Takeaway at the moment and has never worked at Just Eat Takeaway before
  • you can cash out the bonus when you, and your friend, are still working at Just Eat Takeaway after two months
  • and you may bring as much friends as you like so you can earn the bonus multiple times!

let's go!

Do you someone who might be interested in working at Just Eat Takeaway? Perfect! That person can check out the online jobs and apply on one of the open positions. Make sure that they will drop your name when talking to Randstad so everybody knows you brought this friend to Just Eat Takeaway.

So what are you waiting for? Bring a friend and claim that bonus!