Do you spot your new colleague? Let us know and get rewarded with a bonus of €100 or €250 net!

how it works

You know someone who also likes to work via Randstad. Great! Follow the next steps and together we make a success out of it. 

  1. Read the terms and conditions below on this page. 
  2. Send this form to the friend that also likes to work via Randstad.
  3. Your friend fills in his or her contact information.
  4. Your friend puts your name on the form so we know exactly that you are the one who referred him or her to us. 
  5. Check! That's it. If the application form is filled in correctly, we will take care of the rest. We will check if the application is in line with the rules as stated on this page. Read more about the reward next.

the reward

To receive the reward:

  • Your friend who gets hired need to work at least 4 weeks via Randstad. 
  • We work with different amounts per function type. The overview of these amounts and function type you will find on the bottom of this page

  • At the time we pay your reward you still need to work via Randstad.

the rules

  • To avoid dissapointments for everybody: check first if your friend is qualified for the job you apply him or her for (this is often stated in the online vacancy itself or ask your contactperson at Randstad).
  • You first talk with your friend if he or she is interested in the job you have spotted for him or her. 
  • Next you send your friend this form where he or she can leave her personal information behind. In this form your friend can also write down your name so we know it was you who referred him or her. 
  • As soon as your friend is accepted ánd the minimal period of 4 weeks on the job has passed, you will receive an email with the confirmation that the reward will be paid to you. Easy, right?

the reward does not apply when

  • Your friend is already accepted into the selection proces for a job via Randstad

  • The person you tipped us has already worked via Randstad in the last 6 months. 

  • If you quit your job via Randstad in the time you tip someone for a job via Randstad.

job type


Production worker / Assembly worker / Logistics employee / Orderpicker / Forktlift driver / Reachtruck driver / Courier (with drivers licence) or similar job types* € 100
Operator / Mechanic / Machine operator / Bus driver / Truck driver or similar job types* € 250


* similar job types in logistics, production, transport or technic.