• 25 mei 2024
  • vacaturenummer: 635345

Hi, do you possess the physical strength to lift 25-kilogram bags? Are you interested in working with a prominent company in medical nutrition? Are you flexible and able to work in a 5-shift system? If so, continue reading, and you could start your new role as a production worker at Nutricia tomorrow!

€ 16 per hour, excl. shift benefits.

Nutricia focuses on your development

Guarantee of 120 hours of work per 4 weeks

Easily accessible with your own means of transport

Your colleagues are ready for you

A stable long-term position

At Nutricia, no prior experience is required to work as a production worker; they provide comprehensive training. If your friends often characterize you as flexible and motivated, seize this opportunity and don't let this job pass you by! As our operations involve working in shifts, it is essential for our employees to have their own mode of (motorized) transportation.

  • You can do physically demanding work. (lifting 25 kg bags);
  • As a production worker, you work in the 5 shifts: 2 morning shifts (06:30-14:30), 2 afternoon shifts (14:30-22:30) and 2 night shifts (22:30-06:30). After these 6 days, you're free for 4 days;
  • You work accurately and hygienically, paying attention to product quality and safety.

As a production worker, you work in the 5 shifts from 06:30-14:30, 14:30-22:30 and 22:30-06:30. You are responsible for depositing the raw materials (powder) into big containers. You do this accurately and routinely. The raw materials are packed in bags and weigh up to 25 kg. So it is a physically demanding job.

  • Lifting and pouring 25 kg bags into containers;
  • Measuring the specified quantities in accordance with the provided recipe;
  • Signalling and escalating deviations to the process and/or product;
  • Keeping your workplace clean;
  • You work accurately and routinely.

Nutricia Zoetermeer is part of Danone and is known for producing liquid medical nutrition. Nutricia's products are made for vulnerable groups from all over the world. High demands on quality and food safety. As a production worker, you work with the raw materials of the product. You are therefore at the beginning of the process. Read below why you should work at Nutricia:

  • You'll get a travel allowance of € 0,23 cents per kilometer;
  • You will receive shift allowances between 34% and 125% on top of your salary. This depends on your working days and working hours;
  • During your break, you continue to receive your regular pay!

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