Welcome to Randstad Payroll. As a payroller, you will have different rights and working conditions due to the introduction of the Balanced labor market Act (WAB). You received an email from us earlier this month about this subject. We have listed more changes for you in this email.

Your new working conditions will also be entered in our systems. That is quite a lot of work. That is why it will take a little longer before you will receive the assignment confirmation. You can view the correct details in ‘Mijn Randstad’ latest by 31 January. 

your salary is paid on the 21st

As from this month, you will receive your salary each month on the 21st. Is the 21st a public holiday or a Saturday or Sunday? Then you will receive your salary one day before or after the 21st. You can view your contractual working hours (for example per week or per month) and your hourly wage in ‘Mijn Randstad’. We will convert this into a monthly wage for you. We will pay out your wage in the new system for the first time next Tuesday, January 21st, 2020.

your extra hours worked are paid out in the following month 

Your salary is paid based on your monthly contractual working hours. You can view your monthly contractual working hours in ‘Mijn Randstad’. Normally, the monthly contractual working hours are more or less equal to the average number of hours you work each month. If it is not accurate, please contact us. We will review the monthly working hours together with you and the client company. 
If you have worked more hours on average than the contractual working hours, you will receive pay for the extra hours in the next payrolling cycle, in the following month. This applies both to extra hours, overtime, irregular working hours and expenses. Did you work extra hours in January? Then you will receive pay for these extra hours in the February wage. Extra hours worked in February will be paid out in March, etc. 

how does the commuting allowance work?

If your commuting allowance is a fixed monthly amount, it is paid out automatically with your salary in the same month. Do you have varying commuting expenses? Do you commute by car or public transport? Or do you not always work the same number of days each week? Then you receive the commuting allowance with the wage of the following month. 

submitting extra hours worked and expense forms

From January 31, the expense forms and the explanation are available from the website. Please make sure that we receive your expense forms by the 10th of the month. Then you are certain that they will be paid out on the 21st. Please note: do not submit any hours worked or allowances in ‘Mijn Randstad’ for 2020 in the previous system. These hours and allowances cannot be processed. 

Information relating to salary and working conditions in Youforce

From January 22, information about your pay slip and working conditions are available to payrollers in a new environment: Youforce. You can access Youforce using a link in ‘Mijn Randstad’. 

As from January 31, you can also find information relating to your individual selection budget. This is based on agreements set out in the client company’s CLA relating to flexible application of working conditions. This concerns issues such as buying or selling leave time, or having your holiday allowance paid out. 

Click here for the Youforce user manual.

Holiday time balance viewable in Youforce

Do you still have leave time (both holiday allowance and holiday time) that was accrued in 2019? After February 21st, you can find this holiday time balance in Youforce. The 2020 leave entitlements can be used in accordance with the benefits scheme that is applied by the client company.  

If you are paid out in the Contract Hours product format, Randstad will request the remaining holiday time from the client company. These details will also be viewable in Youforce after February 21st. You will be informed separately relating to the application and pay-out details. 

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Kind regards,

Randstad Payroll