You are receiving this email because the percentage of continued wages during sick leave will change as from December 30, 2019. You are on sick leave on the date we are sending this email. Are you back at work when receiving this email? Then this email no longer applies to you, so please ignore it.

the abu cla was updated 

From December 30, 2019, a new ABU CLA applies for the entire private employment sector. Some issues were changed in the new CLA. This is why we send you this email to explain. 

this is what you will notice 

  • you currently are paid 91% of your wage during your sick leave, because it is your first year of sick leave. As from December 30, 2019, you will receive 90% of your last-earned wage instead. This is due to the adjusted ABU CLA
  • the continued payment of your wages does not change in the second year of sick leave. Additional information about the changes relating to sick leave is set out in Section 25 paragraph 6 of the CLA for Flexworkers 2019-2021. Your holiday allowance will be raised from 8% to 8.33%. 

The main changes are set out in a news item in My Randstad. Do you have a question about this email? Please feel free to contact your Randstad contact. 

We hope you get well soon!

Kind regards,