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For peak periods or unplanned absences, you need to be able to turn to a partner who can provide a flexible staffing solution. And at times of low demand, you need to be able to adjust your personnel base accordingly. For a flexible and agile staffing solution, you can trust the team at Randstad. With a ready database of great candidates, we can find you the right candidate to fill in for an employee who is ill, or to provide temporary support. We can provide candidates of vocational education level, as well as graduated BSc’s and MSc’s.

For many of our temporary workers, it is a conscious choice to work on a flexible basis. They are motivated employees who are fully committed to your organization during their assignment period.

highly skilled and qualified professionals

If you are launching a new project, expanding your team or have a specialist contract role, you need to deploy a highly-skilled and qualified employee on a contract or project basis. And we know who you are looking for: a Randstad (interim) specialist. Decisive professionals with experience. Thinkers and doers who wish to grow and develop.

Randstad specializes in the recruitment of highly qualified and skilled professionals for permanent and contract roles, or for independent contractor assignments. With professional consultants dedicated to the financial services industry and focused on specific areas, including Finance, Banking and IT as well as hr and Sales and Marketing, we understand the latest developments and know exactly what is going on in your industry. This means you can count on us to find motivated professionals who can be deployed quickly to meet your needs. Every professional candidate has at least one relevant degree at Bachelor level and the required work experience. Interim professionals who are employed by Randstad are constantly working on their personal and professional development. Moreover, they are constantly networking with colleagues and within professional associations to build their knowledge and skills base.


For payrolling temporary or contract employees, you need a partner to provide you with a flexible service that mitigates risk. We can provide you with a complete payrolling service – giving you the flexibility to perform your own recruitment and selection activities, while we take care of all contractual, payrolling and administrative tasks.
Your employee will receive a personalized service and the right entitlements as specified in a formal contract with a compensation plan in accordance with your business policy / collective labor agreement. Randstad takes over your legal employer status and the associated labor risks, personnel administration and contractual agreements.

This can apply for instance to:
• (temporary) staff selected by Deutsche Bank
• payrolling of internship employees, trainees and/or holiday workers

project management

Are you looking for a full task force for a specific project? Or are you looking for temporary capacity associated with additional work arising from changes in laws and regulations or the release of new products and services? We are experienced in deploying full project teams in the quickest possible timeframes, so please contact us to provide a full project brief and we can get started.


For all your questions, feedback or suggestions, you can reach your single point of contact:

Gerlous Kulk

Gerlous Kulk

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