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EH&S Delivery Technician

  • 21 september 2018
  • HOEK
  • 40 uur
  • € 2900 per maand


  • 21 september 2018
  • vacaturenummer: 76016

The purpose of this position is to drive and support EH&S initiatives across multiple R&D businesses. The individual will work closely with the R&D EH&S Delivery Leader, the R&D EH&S Team and the department personnel to implement meaningful and effective EH&S programs. The individual will ensure that the departments are in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards. Further, the individual will work with Department Leadership and the Delivery Leader to identify risks and vulnerabilities and to develop and implement effective solutions.

Key job responsibilities include:
• Implementing EH&S standards and work processes.
• Participating in EH&S related root cause investigations.
• Completing of scheduled compliance tasks and self assessments.
• Providing EH&S orientation and indoctrination training to new employees.
• Collecting data for EH&S reporting.
• Participating in and provide data for EH&S Systems Audits.
• Participating in Pre-startup safety reviews and Management of Change Reviews.

Critical Competencies:
Initiative: Proactively offers up ideas to leadership on ways to improve EH&S performance and gets departments to work together on safety. Has a “can do” attitude that is contagious. Must be a self starter in order to identify and accomplish multiple tasks for assigned R&D departments. His response to client needs through proper planning and prioritization. Must show as an example for the R&D community.
Takes ownership for his responsibilities.

Interpersonal effectiveness: Need to be able to deal with a variety of personalities in
1) Emotional situations, such as incident investigations
2) Situations where there could be conflict, such as when intervening in an unsafe situation.
Needs to communicate effectively and in a timely manner at all levels with the EH&S team and within the supported organizations. Is able to listen, and to influence. Seeks win-win outcomes.

Leadership: Motivates and enthuses others to participate in EH&S initiatives, and comply to all EH&S compliances tasks and corrective actions. Helps the EH&S team and the Root Cause Investigation teams to make sound decisions. Challenges behaviors that are contrary to Dow’s vision of behavioral and cultural change. Is service minded and is ready to help improve the EH&S performance by guiding the community.

Learning: Enjoys learning and teaching/ coaching others. Is curious and likes to become specialized in specific topics.

Teamwork: Excellent team work skills- must adapt easily to different cultures and mindsets. Fully participates in the R&D EH&S team, and readily volunteers for his/her fair share. Meets commitments. Supports and implements team decisions.

Examples of Job Activities and Tasks:
• Rolls out and effectively implements / uses applicable EH&S tools, programs and work processes
• Coordinates safety and housekeeping inspections for areas supported
• Drives several industrial hygiene programs and evaluations.
• Is Focal Points (specialist) for several Management System Sections
• Conducts EH&S training
• Conducts EH&S performance assessments and coordinate EH&S improvement activities
• Reports environmental data (waste, water, emission, groud evaluation program) and works on reduction plans
• Writes procedures and programs as required
• Participates in all related compliance programs (maintenance registration, process safety etc..)
• Reviews changes as part of the management of change process
• Performs analysis and defines actions from Behavior based performance

Education/Certification/Work Experience Requirements:
• MBO4 (WTB, E, PT of equivalent).
• Experience in EH&S is required
• MVK/ MMK certificate is a plus

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