• 21 september 2023
  • vacaturenummer: 609531

Are you a cheerful catering worker who loves delicious cuisine? Join Randstad Hospitality, and you can help make corporate catering in Rotterdam to the next level. Your hard work and dedication makes dining experiences great at different locations. And the best part? You get to choose your hours. We value flexible scheduling.

Flexible contract, adjusted to your schedule

A large team with colleagues

Various locations around Rotterdam

Develop your culinary skills

You choose your work hours

Working for the largest staffing agency

Your main focus is making customers happy. You're genuinely friendly and create a atmosphere where everyone feels at home. You're a great communicator and know how to make people feel comfortable. You can work in different catering settings without a problem and you're adaptable wherever you go. Being flexible is second nature to you. You pay attention to the smallest details because you know it makes a big difference. You're good at keeping things organized and clean because you believe that perfection is in the details.

  • You want to delight customers with good food and friendliness.
  • Talking to colleagues and customers comes naturally to you.
  • You adapt when things change, it happens naturally.
  • You pay attention to details, you like things to be neat and precise.

Whether it's a delicious breakfast or a tasty lunch, you're ready to prepare and serve it all. Your dedication ensures that every meal is a celebration. But it doesn't stop there. A clean dining area is just as important as great food. With your attention to detail, you make tables shine and create a nice place to eat. You answer customer questions with a smile. You work well with your catering team to ensure everything runs smoothly. Also, safety is your top priority. You carefully follow all safety and hygiene protocols to guarantee a clean and nice dining experience.

  • Ready for breakfast, lunch, and snacks – you cook and serve with joy.
  • Every dish becomes a celebration thanks to your dedication. Making tables shine and creating a pleasant atmosphere
  • You answer customer questions with a smile and helpfulness. With your catering team, you make sure everything runs smoothly.
  •  Safety is priority; you follow rules and keep it clean

Randstad Hospitality, your partner for corporate catering in Rotterdam, warmly welcomes you. With us, it's all about your freedom. You decide when you work, and we adapt. Together with our professional team, you will shine at different locations. We also fully cover your travel expenses. We provide not only support but also plenty of opportunities to grow and further develop yourself. Here, you'll find an exciting and delicious adventure!

  • Randstad Hospitality, your partner for catering in Rotterdam, welcomes you.
  • Work on your terms, we adapt to you. Spotlight on you!
  • Together with our team in various locations.
  • We fully cover your travel expenses
  • Support and growth opportunities, because your development is important.
  • A tasty and challenging adventure awaits you here

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