• 11 september 2023
  • vacaturenummer: 602316

Are you ready to embark on a rewarding journey that combines precision, teamwork, and cutting-edge technology? Thales in Breda invites you to become an essential part of their passionate and dynamic team as a Manual Fulfillment Operator. If you are looking for an opportunity to contribute with your team to a world-class organization, this role might be the one for you!

Continue reading if you are interested in what Thales can offer you!

€2.580- per month incl. allowances

Working in 2 shifts (6:00-14:00 and 14:00-22:00)

€0,21 per km

150% paid overtime, and time-for time

Allowances: €125,- health insurance and 17% shift

Cake on your birthday!

Thales is looking for a Manual Fulfillment Operator who is more than just a cog in the machine. You will be part of a team that consists of highly motivated colleagues from all over the world. Thales values collaboration and a strong team spirit. As a Manual Fulfillment Operator, you'll work closely with your co-workers, sharing knowledge and supporting each other to achieve excellence. The job itself requires you to have a keen eye for detail, an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards and an inherent dedication to safety and security protocols. Finally, you are flexible and like to work in 2 shifts (6:00-14:00 and 14:00-22:00).

You are:

  • a conscientious and careful person who takes pride in upholding the highest standards of quality in manual fulfillment operations;
  • a committed team player with strong collaborative skills, ready to help coworkers and support a great work environment;
  • a professional with the motivation and adaptability to succeed in a rotating shift setting;
  • a proactive learner that genuinely values both professional and personal growth in the personalization industry;
  • fluent in English and highly motivated.

As a Manual Fulfillment Operator, you'll play a pivotal role in the operations. Your day-to-day tasks will involve setting up the manual fulfillment station, ensuring that everything is primed for a smooth and efficient production cycle. From there, you'll take the lead, executing all manual fulfillment operations with precision and adhering closely to the prescribed working procedures.

You are responsible for the quality by carefully inspecting raw materials to guarantee exceptional output. Should any challenges arise during your shift, your resourcefulness and problem-solving skills will be put to the test as you swiftly resolve any issues to maintain seamless operations.

Your commitment to excellence will shine through as you thoroughly check the output, spotting and correcting any mistakes so Thales can continue delivering flawless products. Additionally, you'll be responsible for maintaining detailed records of approved units, defective products, ensuring complete accountability throughout the production process.

You will:

  • set up and maintain the manual fulfillment station, ensuring no malfunctions occur;
  • execute all manual fulfillment operations with precision, making sure the high-quality output stays consistant;
  • inspect raw materials to guarantee high quality products;
  • examine the output carefully for any errors, make the necessary corrections so only approved and defect-free products proceed further;
  • maintain detailed records of approved units, defective products, and other essential data.

A tiny branch of the large worldwide corporation Thales is located in Breda. They are seeking new operators because the Breda facility is expanding. Large Dutch and Belgian banking institutions are among Thales' customers. The team you'll be working with is small and close-knit. At Thales, you'll be given a direct contract. Long-term employees are what they are searching for. Thales is more than just a workplace; You'll find yourself immersed in a supportive environment that encourages personal and professional development.

You will:

  • get a permanent contract at Thales;
  • receive travel allowance, shift allowance and a health insurance allowance;
  • receive paid overtimes of 150% and also receive time-for-time;
  • work in a small team that is close and multicultural.

Are you the Manual Fulfilment Operator that Thales is looking for? I'm looking forward to speak with or meet you! Apply now.


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