• 08 september 2023
  • vacaturenummer: 599046

Are you looking for an exciting new job? Would you like to work at a hospital in Utrecht?

We are looking for new dishwashers for the UMC Utrecht hospital. The UMC Utrecht hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands. With nice collegues you will be the team for Reiniging en Onderhoud (cleaning and care).

€15,26 euro per hour, weekly paid

Allowances on Saturday and Sunday

Flexible working hours

Experience as a dishwasher is not necessary

(side)job in healthcare

Working with a nice and enthousiastic team

Are you hardworking and not afraid to get your hands dirty? Are you a team player that wants to work as a dishwasher?

If you work as a dishwasher at the UMC Utrecht, you can tick these boxes:

  • Your availability is at least 2 or 3 days a week
  • You are available at least 2 weekends a month
  • Experience as a dishwasher is a pre
  • You can walk and stand for longer periods of time
  • You speak English or Dutch
  • You live within 20 kilometers of the hospital

As a dishwasher you are in charge of keeping up with all of the washing up. Furthermore, you help preparing the evening meals for patients of the UMC. Every day is different, but the most important tasks of a dishwasher are:

  • Keeping up with the washing up with special dishwashing machines
  • Cleaning the dishwashing area
  • Preparatory tasks for the evening meals of patients in the hospital

UMC Utrecht is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands and a unique place to work.

  • Dynamic working environment
  • Working in healthcare
  • Easily reached by public transport and by bike
  • Flexible shifts
  • Easy to reach by public transportation

Have you become excited after reading about this vacancy as a dishwasher? Would you like to work at the UMC hospital? Apply directly!

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