• 01 juni 2023
  • vacaturenummer: 591603

Do you love books, or do you just want to start working as an orderpicker? Then you have come to the right place at Centraal Boekhuis: the largest book distribution center. This job offers a lot of variety. You earn € 12,90 per hour. With allowances, this can go up to € 15,48! You are also in the right place at Centraal Boekhuis in terms of working atmosphere. This is rated with an 8+. Apply as a orderpicker at Centraal Boekhuis in Culemborg!

A good salary of € 12,90 per hour bruto (21+)

Minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 5 days per week

Great company with good working atmosphere

Opportunities to grow

We pay for the public transportation

Get a salary with allowances up to € 15,48

As a orderpicker at Centraal Boekhuis it is important that you like to be busy and to make sure that the orders are ready to go out of the warehouse. You don't need any experience and we like to teach you everything about orderpicking. Do you recognize yourself in the following dots?

  • You are available for at least 2 days from Monday to Friday;
  • You can work in shifts: 7:30-16:30/0800-1700, and 16:00-01:00;
  • You speak English.

As an orderpicker at Centraal Boekhuis, you and your colleagues will process all orders. You will work with a pick to light order picking system. The bookshelf lights up a light next to the compartment where you need to pick the book. It also indicates how many books you need. Super easy right! You will also collect books, put them in a box and prepare them for shipment. And you can also expect tasks such as sorting, stickering and labeling books. Because you work quickly and accurately, the customer receives his books on time!

  • You like to be busy;
  • You have your own transportation or you live close to Culemborg;
  • You can stand and walk all day in the warehouse.

As an orderpicker you will work in the Centraal Boekhuis distribution center. You will be surrounded by an enthusiastic and international team to work with. Did you know that the working atmosphere is rated with an 8+ by the employees? Working at Centraal Boekhuis means also super flexible working days. You can give up your availability. You can work temporarily or for a longer period of time. Do you want to get more out of yourself? Then there are plenty of opportunities if you prove yourself. This way you can grow into an operator or forklift driver.

  • The address is:  Erasmusweg 10, 4104 AK Culemborg

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