• 31 maart 2023
  • vacaturenummer: 584771

A job without an application? At FrieslandCampina Wolvega it can be done! Straight to work in the beautiful production environment. You decide whether the work suits you. How nice is that! Interested? Read more about FrieslandCampina's open hiring days.

wage of €14.36 per hour

bonuses of up to 40% and travel reimbursement

getting started without an interview

you decide, Part-time or Full-time work

friendly work atmosphere

working in the 3 shifts

To get started at FrieslandCampina, you don't need any work experience or training. During the induction program you will develop yourself to make a success of your job. A job where we show you flexibility and where no two days are the same. Read on to find out what you will be doing and drop by on one of the open hiring days.

  • you have been out of work for a while and are excited to start again
  • you want a different kind of job, but you don't have the right experience for it
  • you would like to find work, but you find applying for a job difficult
  • there is another reason why you can't get a job when you want to

On your work day, you start with a cup of coffee together with your colleagues. Then you change your clothes and go to your workplace and start working together with your colleagues. As a new employee, you will receive good supervision to teach you the tasks you do during your job. Your tasks are very different. We work with robots and machines and partly we pack manually. Your work may consist of correcting and adjusting the process or, for example, packing packages of cheese. You also have to regularly check the quality of the product. When the boxes are empty, you refill them. So very varied!

You work the early, late or night shift. The working hours are: 06:00-14:00, 14:00-22:00 and 22:00-06:00.

  • You are available during the day or evening to work between 8 and 38 hours
  • You have a valid ID card or passport
  • You can speak Dutch or English

Safety really is number one! When you enter FrieslandCampina you will first go through the gate instruction. This will give you the most important safety rules.
Your work clothes consist of a white jacket, white pants, safety shoes, safety glasses, a hairnet, earplugs and a bump cap.
When you are inside you will see a room with many machines. The lines on which the slices of cheese are packed are long, so you walk many meters in a day. Besides slices of cheese, grated cheese and small snack cheeses are also packed. The work is mostly done standing and walking. Sometimes you also have to lift but never more than 20 kilos.

The working atmosphere on this floor is informal and pleasant; there is always music on. FrieslandCampina does focus on safety and hygiene. You are not allowed to wear jewelry or perfume and piercings really have to be taken off. On the shop floor you will be given FrieslandCampina clothing. This ensures that you can work neatly and safely.

Watch the video below to take a look at your new employer.

Want to see for yourself what it looks like and whether you'd like to work here? Feel free to call and we'll take you on a tour of the factory. The only step is to apply via the application button, just fill in your details.

This is how applying for a job is done via Randstad. Find out how we can help you find a job.