• 14 maart 2023
  • vacaturenummer: 573936

Do you like putting things together? As an assembly worker, this is your core task! You ensure that the product is properly installed and that the quality is top notch. From start to finish you ensure that individual items form into a high-quality product. You are able to test the product and see if it meets the quality standards. You will do this in day shift at a very nice salary between € 2400 and € 3400 gross per month! read to find out if this is the perfect job for you!

Salary between €2400 and €3400 based on experience

Easily accessible with public transport

Fulltime (40 uur) in a dayshift

Personal development opportunities

Possibilities to get a company contract

Techinal environement

Working neatly: as an assembly employee you are the last link in the production process. You have no problem being precise. And whether you work with small or larger parts: it is your responsibility that everything is neatly put together at the end of your shift. That gives even more satisfaction!

Discipline: follow all the rules and regulations properly is no problem for you! You enjoy working according to safety rules and are disciplined in this.

Good with details: you have a keen eye for detail and you see it immediately if something is not going well. This way you ensure that the product is top-notch at the end of the process.

Technical insight: you assemble the products on the basis of technical drawings. You quickly see which screw you need to place in order to create the total product.

  • Working according to procedure; Trustworthy;Technical insight;Not physically demanding;Real team player; everything is more fun together.

Before you start assembling, it is important that all parts are present and correct. If necessary, you will look for the missing part. You check whether the quality of the parts you work with is completely in order.

Then you get to work on your most important task: assembling! You put the items together (assemble) and make it into the product needed. There is no product without you, so you are a very important link in the process.

Did you assemble the product? Then you check if everything went well. You test the product to see if it works properly and meets the quality requirements and you ensure that it is ready for shipment.

  • Check if you have all parts;
  • Read technical drawings;
  • Assembling the products;
  • Quality control;
  • Product testing;
  • Prepare for shipment.

You are going to work in a factory. There are several workplaces in the factory where you work together with a team. You are physically busy and time flies by with the music in the background. The goal? Make sure that you get to know all facets of the products so that you can be deployed in all places!

  • 25 vacation days;
  • 8,33% holiday pay;
  • Pension (after 8 worked weeks);
  • €0,19 travel allowance or full public transport allowance;
  • Development opportunities;
  • Working togehter in a team.

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Nicky, Renske, Romy & Sven


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