• 24 november 2022
  • vacaturenummer: 558956

Would you like to be part of the team at Arla in Nijkerk? Are you eager to learn? And would you like to develop yourself as a machine operator? Top! We are happy to offer you a training place and want to teach you as much as possible! Are you ready to start working at Arla as a production employee with ambition? Then read on quickly! By the way, did you know that 13 employees were taken over by Arla itself last year? Cool huh! At Arla, we would like to teach you all kinds of things. To ultimately bind you to us!

monthly salary €2030-€2285 gross excl. allowance

long-term work with a chance of taking over

free dairy products from Arla during lunch break

opportunities to grow within Arla

a full-time job with guaranteed hours

allowance between 17:00/6:30 of 37%

You would like to work in 3 shifts. You have a completed MBO education level 3 or 4. And of course you are very much looking forward to working at Arla in Nijkerk! Furthermore, you are the perfect candidate for us if you:

  • are available for a job in 3 shifts (working hours are: 06:00-14:00, 14:00-22:00 and 22:00-06:00);
  • have a completed MBO 3/4 education and are willing to undergo training;
  • you must be at least 18 years old for shift work;
  • can communicate in Dutch because of the safety regulations.

You arrive on time and start your day with a cup of coffee. Being late is really not an option in a company that runs continuously. You start your day with a handover with the colleague in the shift before you. What's going on today and what needs to be done first? You check the schedule. What am I going to do first? You get the products ready, set up your machine and start running! In between, you're busy taking samples. Is the custard thick enough? The yoghurt sour enough? And is the balls of custard tasty? This involves various quality checks. You are also in communication with the laboratory for quality control.

After your break, another product is scheduled. You make sure the machine is set up properly. But of course only after it has been properly cleaned! You don't just solve any malfunctions that day with ease. You also come up with ideas on how to avoid the breakdowns tomorrow. You report to the team leader if something has gone wrong, but are constantly in touch with your colleagues. The day is almost over. Before you leave, you tell all the important things to the colleague who will take over from you. So that he too can make the most of the day. Finally, you go home feeling fulfilled. A new day tomorrow! :)

  • setting up and operating machines;
  • cleaning and disinfecting the machines;
  • troubleshooting (you love doing this and come up with good solutions!);
  • you ensure safety, hygiene, order and tidiness in the workplace.

Who doesn't know them? Arla's delicious organic dairy products! Like Skyr or the Breaker, for example. Arla Foods in Nijkerk supplies the Netherlands with daily fresh dairy (milk, buttermilk, yoghurt, custard and so on), long-life dairy, cheese and butter. At Arla, several strong brands such as: Arla, Melkunie, Milk & Fruit and Breaker.

  • known for Arla, Melkunie, Skyr and Breaker;
  • delicious organic dairy products.

After an initial telephone introduction, you will go for an interview. Together we look at the possibilities of getting started at Arla. Are you interested in this opportunity? Then react quickly!

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