• 26 oktober 2022
  • vacaturenummer: 558799

Do you love working in the hospitality industry, and are you looking for a high-end job as a chef? Do you have experience and knowledge of international cuisine and are you currently residing in The Netherlands?

We have the perfect job for you! When it comes to food, Pedevilla is a highly renowned, global company working in many countries. They always sustain their high standard when it comes to their seasonal dishes.

Salary based on experience

ESA (European Space Agency)

High-end global caterer

Monday to Friday, daytime service only

Giving a great service together with your team

Professional growth and expanding skills

You have an education and experience in Culinary arts, Gastronomy or anything related. You have specific knowledge of international cuisine. Lastly, you want to prepare food for the employees in the best way possible and…always with a smile!

  • English language is a requirement;
  • Italian, German and/or Dutch are recommended;
  • Previous experience as a chef and preferably in restaurants;
  • Ability to manage numerous of meals;
  • Ability to create vegetarian en vegan dishes as needed;
  • Correct management of raw material;
  • Knowledge of: pastry, bread making, vacuum cooking, low temperature and processing of fresh pasta;
  • Resistance to stress and problem-solving.

You are going to be the star of the kitchen! You will make sure that there will be a lot of fresh cooked meals and that the employees will leave the café with a big smile.

  • Work together with the team to create menus fit for the season;
  • Create recipes and put them in the cookbook;
  • Guarantee a great service with both presentation and quality;
  • Work together with the team to create menus for theme days;
  • Make sure you are familiar with current health and safety regulations.

This job is located in one of the most beautiful and exciting places just north of Leiden in Noordwijk, the European Space Agency (ESA). How cool is that! There are 3 restaurants on site and you will be in charge of one of them.

Working hours are from Monday to Friday, only during the day. So you will have evenings and weekends off!

  • European Space Agency;
  • Well-known global catering company;
  • Free parking;
  • Travel expenses are partially covered;
  • Easy accessible with public transport.
  • Evenings and weekends off

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