• 20 september 2022
  • vacaturenummer: 557343

Do you want to develop yourself at one of the largest organizations dedicated to bringing meaningful innovation to global health? Then this is your chance!

For an internship at the Bacterial Vaccines department of Janssen Vaccines and Prevention (one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson), we are looking for an enthusiastic candidate to join our Molecular Bacteriology & Epidemiology group.

€650 gross per month (based on 40 hours)

Leiden - the Netherlands

Learn and grow your potential

Develop your skills, knowledge and experience

Janssen Vaccines a Johnson & Johnson company

A BSc or MSc student in the field of molecular microbiology, life sciences, or another related discipline with good knowledge of molecular biology.

  • You have experience with standard microbiological techniques such as inoculation, culturing, and aseptic techniques
  • You have experience with cloning and PCR
  • You have experience with protein methods like SDS-PAGE and western blotting
  • You can work accurately and independently
  • You have a pro-active attitude and good communication skills

A promising new development in vaccine technology is the use of protein nanoparticles as a flexible vaccine presentation system. Nanoparticles are self-assembled, stable structures of identical protein subunits that can present an antigenic protein or peptide at their surface when these are genetically fused to the nanoparticle subunits. This antigen repetitiveness is believed to result in strong immune responses.

Feasibility of nanoparticles as a vaccine platform will depend not only on the efficacy of the vaccines but also on the efficiency of manufacturing. In this internship, the potential of Escherichia coli as a production host of nanoparticles that display different antigenic peptides will be explored. Targeting (secretion) of nanoparticle-peptide chimeras to the periplasm will be attempted by fusing a secretion signal sequence. The antigens that will be tested are peptides derived from candidate vaccine antigens from both bacterial and viral pathogens. Factors that may affect the production level, secretion and stability of the nanoparticles, such as size and charge of the peptide, will be investigated in more detail.

During this internship, you will gain hands-on experience in molecular biological techniques:

  • Cloning (Gibson-assembly)
  • PCR
  • Primer Design
  • Protein purification

You will work in the Janssen Vaccines and Prevention Bacterial Vaccines department. This department is working on the discovery- and early development of novel vaccines against bacterial infectious diseases. It strives to address unmet medical needs, such as bacteremia (sepsis) and nosocomial infections. Within this department, the Molecular Bacteriology & Epidemiology group is involved in, amongst others, the development of the bacterial strains that serve as production hosts for our vaccines, and the exploration of new technologies that can be implemented in existing or future vaccine production platforms.

This internship also involves active collaboration with the Janssen Vaccines and Prevention Viral Vaccines department.

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Daphne Wezenberg


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