• 30 januari 2023
  • vacaturenummer: 557060

Dalli de Klok, located in the heart of Heerde, is the manufacturer for tablets for the dishwasher. Dalli de Klok products are prize winners, and they are looking for new operators.

This company works in 5-shifts and is looking for someone who wants to invest in their future. If you hit the one-year mark for working at Dalli you can take the in-house Vapro B training.

good salary of € 13.51 + 28% (gross €17.29)

in the center of Heerde

follow the in-house training Vapro B

in-house shop with products from Dalli

over 100 courses at Randstad.nl/boost

full time function in 5-shifts

With your colleagues you're in charge of overseeing the production in the hall from the platform. You make sure that all productions are running smoothly. You change the hanging bags that contain raw materials at the beginning of the line. This work requires secure hands and someone who takes care of his safety and that of their environment.

This is quite a demanding job for your body. So you must be fit. You will work in accordance to the ARBO.
Together with your colleague, you have a nice overview of the production hall on the platform. You and your colleague ensure that production runs smoothly by hanging the right big bags with raw materials at the beginning of the line. You do this with care for yourself and your environment. It is a physically more demanding function, so it is important that you do not have any physical complaints. But if you work according to ARBO rules, you take care of yourself.

  • available for the 5 shift schedule;
  • physically fit;
  • living in or around Heerde.

As a Production Worker (Big Bag) you are involved in setting up and operating the machines. You are responsible to supply the raw materials that are needed to make the diswashers tablet. They will teach you how to resolve malfunctions and how to identify them.

  • you will work in a well-ordered environment;
  • you will work closely with your colleagues.

Dalli is a large family business that specialized in the production of dishwasher tablets. We are looking for an employee with a eye for details, safety and quality.

  • your travel will be partly reimbursement;
  • shift work allowance;
  • innovative employer.

We will contact you as soon as possible for an initial selection interview. After our conversation, I'll let you know soon if I introduce you to Dalli.

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