• 21 november 2022
  • vacaturenummer: 555454

Are you the new scan operator or preparation operator at a company in Alphen aan den Rijn?
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€ 10.50 gross per hour

24-40 hours per week

Morning shifts

Alphen aan den Rijn

You are someone who works very precisely. You do not make mistakes easily. In addition, you can work at a fast pace. You may already have some experience in this line of work. You are eager to get started!

There are 2 different positions in this department:

1. Preparation operator.
Documents need to be prepared in order to be scanned. This means that you have to remove all staples, papers and other things.

2. Scan operator
Afterwards, the prepared documents must be put into the system. This is done by scanning. Documents are placed in the printer and you make sure that everything is scanned properly. Finally, you put the documents back into the boxes.

An international organization based in Alphen that focuses on information management for various companies.

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