• 30 november 2022
  • vacaturenummer: 542411

Thanks to you, sightseers enjoying a day out on the canals of Amsterdam won’t get stuck in a faulty boat. Tinkering is in your DNA, you love fixing things and find boats very interesting. With your skills and experience in mechanical and electrical maintenance, you will ensure that the fleet of boats in Amsterdam run smoothly. Imagine working on a range of different boats every day, sometimes at one of the workshops in Amsterdam for planned maintenance, and sometimes where the boat lies for minor repairs.

direct contract with Stromma

work at the best locations in Amsterdam

experience work on different boats daily

Good Salary

informal work atmosphere

work independently doing what you love

You like tinkering with mechanical and electric systems. Furthermore, you are good with general handyman work and can fix things. Problem-solving makes you happy. Something needs a quick fix, and you can do it with the tools and materials at hand. You also enjoy the bigger challenges during planned maintenance projects at the workshop, and can quickly switch tasks. Tinkering on an engine one minute, welding a metal plate the next. Bridging an electrical connection the one minute, replacing a rotten wooden rudder the next. Scenery changes and varying tasks are perfect, because you get bored standing in one place.

  • Allrounder
  • Affinity with mechanics
  • Affinity with electrics
  • Affinity with general carpentry work

You will be responsible for planned maintenance as well as breakdown maintenance on a range of boats in the fleet. Affinity with mechanical and electrical systems is important, as well as an ability to problem-solve and fix parts of a boat. This could involve mechanical work, electrical work or general carpentry or metalwork.

You work well independently and are good with people. You will often come into contact with customers and ship captains, and it is important to be friendly and collegiate.

  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Electrical maintenance
  • All-round handyman work fixing boats
  • Planned maintenance on location
  • Breakdown maintenance on-the-go

Stromma is one of the largest shipping companies in Amsterdam. A multicultural organisation, Stromma operates in 18 destinations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. They organize cruises through Amsterdam and can be found on the canals on a daily basis. Stromma offers tourists, locals, companies, and families a good feeling and the best view of the city.

Stromma focuses with its new strategy on sustainable tourism. Their vision is therefore: Northern Europe's leading sustainable producer and provider of tours and activities. Stromma Netherlands has been rewarded with the Green Key certificate. The burden on the environment is further limited by the increasing use of electricity to replace the current natural gas and hybrid diesel-electric engines.

The company culture itself is very informal, and there is a short line of communication between maintenance teams, ship captains and managers.

  • Multinational
  • Multicultural
  • A growing organisation
  • Focus on sustainability

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