• 17 april 2023
  • vacaturenummer: 534029

Are you going to create a world in which everyone can safely pay with a bank or debit card? We are looking for mechanical operators for Thales in Breda. It's an international work environment, so you need to be able to speak, write, and understand the English language. You would like to work in 3 shifts.

€ 125 per month for your health insurance

Directly employed at Thales

Performance bonus up to 6% of your annual salary

17% day, and 28.5% night allowance

€ 2.515 per month incl. holiday allowance

150% or 200% paid overtime, and time-for time

Are you the mechanical operator we are looking for? You have a passion for technology and you want to learn. You have experience with operating machines in a production environment. It is important that you speak and understand English. Safety and security standards are important to you.

  • You can speak, write and understand English fluently;
  • You're eager to learn and have a passion for technology;
  • You have experience with operating machines in a production environment;
  • You can work in a closed, secure area;
  • You can work under time pressure.

You'll work as a mechanical operator in 3 shifts (06:15 – 14:45 / 13:45 – 22:15 / 22:00 – 06:30). Our ideal operator is enthusiastic about this work!

  • You check the quality of your work during the production process;
  • You carry out production, inspection and packaging tasks;
  • You supervise production equipment and solve errors or malfunctions;
  • You start the machines and ensure that the needed materials are available;
  • You ensure a safe and clean workspace;
  • You perform daily/ weekly maintenance and safety checks on the machines.

Thales is a big international company with a smaller establishment in Breda. The site in Breda is growing and that's why we are searching for new operators. Big Dutch and Belgian banking agencies are the clients of Thales. The team you're going to work in is small and close with each other. You'll get a direct contract at Thales. They are looking for employees for the long term.

  • Three or Seven-month contract directly with Thales, depending on completing a VOG or background check;
  • You can earn a quarterly bonus up to 6% of your yearly salary;
  • You'll receive travel allowance, pension accrual, bonus scheme and a health insurance allowance;
  • You'll receive paid overtimes of 150% or 200% and also receive time-for-time. For example: if you work eight hours on Saturday, you get paid 8 hours of 150%, and you get eight hours free after.
  • The team you're going to work in is small, close and multicultural.

Are you the operator that we're looking for? I'm looking forward to speak with or meet you! Apply now.


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