• 08 juni 2022
  • vacaturenummer: 528657

For DAF Trucks, located in Eindhoven, we are looking for production workers. In the metal factory the employees produce metal parts for the DAF Trucks. Afterwards, this parts will be transported to the truck factory.

€15,56 per hour (34% shift allowance)

A fulltime-job

Full time work in 3 shifts

A Good employer in the automotive section

DAF has its own bus transport

In the metal factory we are looking for production workers. In this factory you are putting metal plates into a machine. The machine shapes the plates into the shape of a truck part. The work is done in teams, therefore you need to be able to work together in a team.

  • Putting metal parts into a machine
  • Check the quality of the products
  • Solve small errors onto the machine
  • Prepare the parts for the transport to the truck factort

The metal factory is a big factory on the DAF terrain. Plenty of metal parts are produced here. In this factory there are a lot of technical employees, and they are all working together to provide the truck factory of their parts. In the factory there is a good environment to work together on the best Truck on the world.

So, are you the production worker that we are searching for? Do not hesitate and please apply through the button below. You can also call me if you have any further questions.

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