• 21 april 2022
  • vacaturenummer: 528532

We are looking for warehouse employees for DPD in Veenendaal! You may have seen DPD on the road. It is a logistics company. Every day trucks filled with parcels arrive here. The packages need to be delivered as soon as possible. It is up to you to unload these packages from the truck as quickly as possible. And hey, now that the gyms are closed, this is a great workout! You will work at DPD as a warehouse employee. Of course you don't do this alone, but together with many colleagues.

€ 10,81 from 18 years and older

Travel costs € 0.19 per km from 10 km (max. 25 km)

You work in the morning/afternoon/evening & night

Allowance up to 50%!

A pension scheme after 26 weeks worked

DPD is easy to reach, also by public transport

You are disappointed that the gyms are closed. Hanging on the couch is not for you! You want to enjoy your work and are ready to use those muscles!
You are available for at least two days a week. Monday is a busy day at DPD. You have to be available to work this day.

  • You don't mind lifting heavy packages;
  • You don't have to have any experience;
  • It is important that you feel like working!

As a warehouse employee at DPD you will work as a loader or unloader. As an unloader, you ensure that the packages are out of the trucks quickly. You put these packages on the conveyor belt.

The sorting work is all automatic. When the packages are sorted, they arrive at the loading department. There must fit as many packages as possible in a truck. So you play a kind of Tetris! This must be done quickly, otherwise the conveyor belt will get jammed.
Some packages are small and light. But there are also packages that weigh up to 25 kg. So you have to be strong to be able to do this work.

  • Loading and unloading of trucks;
  •  Lift heavy packages up to 25 kg;
  •  Play live Tetris as a charger!

You will work for a large logistics company, DPD. This company is located in Veenendaal. The working atmosphere is good! You really do it together at DPD, which is important there. Hard work pays off. This way you can be deployed in a different department. Or is there a chance to get a contract with DPD. This year, two people from Randstad have already been offered a contract with DPD!

  • Good work atmosphere;
  • Fun team;
  • Extra's like an ice cream in the summer, fries on a friday afternoon and a christmas gift in december;
  • Guidance in the first weeks;
  • Chance to get a contract with DPD.

Do you want to get of the couch and get to work? Then we would like to hear from you! Respond to this vacancy and maybe you can start next week.

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