• 30 september 2021
  • vacaturenummer: 490977

Randstad Hospitality is looking for waiters and waitresses for different clients in Rotterdam! Are you looking for a job in the catering industry? do you have experience as a food and beverage waiter, and is your english habit? Please respond to this vacancy.

Working at different restaurants

0-hour contract

We are looking for a food and beverage professionale who:

  • Has experience in the hospitality industry. Preferably in a hotel or restaurant.
  • Is passionate about delivering the best service to the guests.
  • Would like to learn more about hospuiatlity during our training.
  • Likes tp work in a clean and organized working environment.

As a food & beverage waiter, you are responsible for providing guests with food and drinks as requested in an efficient, professional and hospitable manner. During the job you will:

  • Serve food and drinks.
  • Work as a bartender.
  • Work as a public service employee at theaters and

As a waiter for Randstad Hospitslity you work for several restauarants, hotels and event locations in Rotterdam.

Kun jij je helemaal vinden in deze vacature en ben je vanaf september beschikbaar? Solliciteer dan snel!

Hospitality Zuid-West


Questions about this job? Please Don't hesitate to contact us.

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