• 15 oktober 2021
  • vacaturenummer: 483008

Well-paying job as a production worker with a company in Bunschoten-Spakenburg

Do you enjoy the smell of freshly made waffles? Do you want to know how the cookies you can buy at the supermarket are made and packaged? Do you want to play a vital part in ensuring these tasty goods hit the shelves all safe and sound? Don't stop reading: we are looking for new workers!

This company is a supplier for many Dutch supermarket chains - yes, that might include your local favourite! On top of that, they are active internationally. Doesn't it just sound great to be part of such an energetic and successful company?

Salary: €12,06

A 38-39% bonus between 18.00 and 06.00

Shifts: 06:00-16:00 and 16:00-02:00!

The best smelling job you can get!

You are willing to work hard and you know the importance of hygiene regulations. As one of our workers, you are:

  • Able to work full-time
  • Able to work day and night shifts
  • Willing to be flexible
  • A neat worker with attention to detail
  • Able to drive or cycle to the job location (public transport is not possible)

You will be working as a packing employee, which means that you:

  • will be responsible for wrapping cakes and cookies
  • will need to combine working quickly with working neatly

This company supplies both Dutch and International stores with cookies, cakes, and so much more! You might even have bought one or two of their products while doing your own weekly groceries.

You will work fulltime, five days a week, in morning or evening shifts. With this company, you can expect the following:

  • Working hours are from monday to friday in 2 shifts
  • Quality and hygiene regulations are considered very important
  • The rules that are set have to be followed at all times
  • Last but not least: this is the best smelling job you can get if you enjoy the scent of fresh cookies!

Does this sound like a job you are 'hungry' for? Don't hesitate and contact us!

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