• 30 maart 2022
  • vacaturenummer: 480250

Are you looking for a physical job? a job where you can get a workout going and get paid well at the same time? Then we have the perfect job for you at PreZero in Hasselt within the pallet disassembly unit!

An hourly wage of € 11,09 before tax

Added ADV- and shift surcharge of 1,38% and 13,75%

A reimbursement for travel up to € 8,08 a day

Fixed hours 06:00-14:45/ 14:45-22:30

The ability to keep growing within PreZero

A fulltime job with prospect of a fixed contract

What does PreZero ask from you?

  • Availability to work in two shifts;
  • Having your own means of transportation;
  • No issues with physical labor.

As a member of our team at PreZero you make sure wooden boxes used for shipping can be reused. After the boxes are emptied at the Scania factory they get sent over to PreZero. This is where you empty all the shipping plastics out of the box. After this you disassemble the wooden box so it can be sent back to the supplier to be reused.

  • Cleaning out crates;
  • Sorting plastics;
  • Disassembling crates;
  • Stacking crates so they are ready for transportation.

You will be working for Prezero. Prezero is an international organization that focuses on the processing and recycling of waste. In Hasselt you will be working with the factory of Scania who make trucks for customers in over 60 countries!

Watch the video below to take a look at your new employer.

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