• 09 juni 2021
  • vacaturenummer: 472917

Data Viz & Digital Collections Programming Student Position: Put your programming skills to creative use within the Library!

8 hours per week | TU Delft Libary, Open Spaces, with remote working possibilities
1 day a week for the next 3 months, with option to renew.

Do you want to be creative with your programming knowledge? TU Delft Library is looking for students with strong programming skills to help us create prototypes of text data visualization by modifying existing applications and creating new ones.

8 hours per week

TU Delft

schaal 8 cao Nederlandse Universiteiten

The TU Delft has a substantial amount of digital collections and an ongoing inclination to make them more visible and accessible to patrons. We need you to help investigate creative ways to give our digital content an attractively visualized and interactive presence in the main hall of the TU Delft Library. We wish to expand the possibilities to tell stories with data based on themes, specifically knowledge (text) data visualisation is an area we would like to explore. We need a coder that values creativity and problem solving. Ability to document and communicate your work is also necessary. Your work will be credited and there are multiple opportunities to have your work showcased to the entire university and beyond.

  • Advanced programming knowledge in JavaScript or Python (mandatory) using data visualization libraries like D3 or Bokeh (comparable languages and libraries can also be considered)
  • Experience working with Open development project workflows using remote collaboration platforms like Github (mandatory)
  • Experience working with APIs (preferred)
  • Experience with Open data (e.g., Google, social media, etc.) and web-scraping

Lead research and code development, with direction from library staff, to adapt and create prototypes for custom data visualizations and interactive web applications related to our digital collections and themed content. Position will begin by researching and adapting pre-existing Open applications/projects for interactive text and/or data visualization with the aim of creating working visualizations using custom TU Delft Library data (e.g., WorldCat API).
You will be included in creative collaboration to help develop the application’s utilization of collections, story-telling/theme, and aesthetics. This role also consists of networking with staff and students to begin to form a visualization collective, a research group formed on mutual interests in data vis knowledge-sharing.
This position expects to result in research, adaptation, implementation, and documentation (creating learning resources for staff) of several working prototypes, which will be piloted in the main hall of the TU Delft Library.

  • Creativity, interest in the arts (preferred), and familiarity with creative design process
  • Research, communication, and documentation skills
  • Ability to work independently and with creative consultants

TU Delft Library, Open Spaces

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