• 01 april 2022
  • vacaturenummer: 472424

As a service engineer at Mitsubishi, you are at the right place. You will immediately be contracted by Mitsubishi and you will travel the world for the installation and maintenance of corrugated board and box machines. The boxes are for example used by parcel shops and supermarkets. Your tasks will be multidimensional, because these machines are large and complex to install and maintain. Moreover, you will help the client by giving them instructions for maintenance and providing them with an English report about the duties. Furthermore, as a service engineer at Mitsubishi you will receive a good salary (between 2600 - 3600 euros) and interesting allowances.

Focus on your development

Immediately contracted by Mitsubishi

Excellent salary (€2600-3600) and extra allowances

Working across the globe

Job for the long term

Are you a friendly, social and English speaking service engineer with a solid technical background? If yes, Mitsubishi is offering a wonderful job! At Mitsubishi you can also further develop yourself into a full-fledged service engineer for their box machines. In order to apply for this wonderful job, experience in the machine industry (mechanical or electronical) and a technical study are important.

  • Technical diploma (mechanical engineering, mechatronics or electrical engineering);
  • Relevant work experience with industrial machines;
  • Customer friendly and catered;
  • Communicably strong in the English language, both  oral and in writing.

As a service engineer at Mitsubishi, you will work on the corrugated board and box machines together with your colleagues. Mitsubishi builds machines to manufacture , glue, and print boxes and produce corrugated cardboard. They deliver these machines all over the world. Together with your co-workers, you will assemble these machines and adjust them accordingly. It is therefore important that you are able to follow technical documents and drawings that are necessary for the installation. Moreover, you will perform preventative and corrective maintenance to these machines. After carrying out the tasks, you will create activity reports and give maintenance advice to the client.

  • Installation of new machines at clients;
  • Maintenance of the industrial machines;
  • Locate malfunctions and solve them;
  • Exchange technical knowledge with clients and colleagues;
  • Create activity reports and maintenance advice.

For Mitsubishi, you will travel all over the world to work on the cardboard machines. It is adventurous and exciting to see the world and stay in various hotels, whilst doing your job! It is therefore important that you do not mind staying away from home. Sometimes for periods of 2 - 6 weeks. In the case that you have stayed away from home for a longer period, you will have a couple of days off after you returned home.
Because you work at the client, being customer friendly and catered is important.

  • Travel all over the world;
  • Stay in various hotels;
  • Meet different clients as they will host your workplace;
  • Sometimes you are away from home for a longer period, followed by days off.

It is a wonderful opportunity to work for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries! In case you are interested in this vacancy: apply directly on this page or call me in case you have any questions!

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