• 28 april 2021
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Student Ambassador | 5-10 hours per week | €15 per hour |

Do you like to do some ambassador work for a couple of hours in the week? Maybe this job could be interesting for you!

Become a MATLAB Student Ambassador and serve as an important link between MathWorks and the student community at your university. You'll earn money while hosting fun events and using social media to spread awareness about the availability of MATLAB and Simulink on your campus.


€15 per hour

  • Proficient in MATLAB , familiarity with Simulink a plus
  • Strong interpersonal skills with a passion for social media (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, etc.)
  • Undergraduate or Graduate student in good academic standing with at least 2 semesters remaining in the degree program (preferably in Engineering)
  • Excellent written and oral communication skillsStrong time management skills and the ability to work on several projects simultaneously
  • Legal authorization to work in the NL

The MATLAB Student Ambassador position requires a commitment of approximately 5 hours per week and is a paid position. The MATLAB Student Ambassador is expected to:

Host fun events on campus to demonstrate MATLAB and Simulink. We provide you with the resources to spread awareness of our products such as software demos and hardware tools.
Use your social media skills to spread awareness of MathWorks products on Facebook and Twitter by sharing articles.

Minimum Qualifications
- Candidates must be pursuing a bachelor's or master's level degree.
- Experience with MATLAB

  • Explore and implement creative ideas for spreading awareness for the MathWorks brand and products among students
  • Identify and engage with prominent student organizations related to Engineering, Math, Science and FinancePlan and organize events on campus to demonstrate the state of the art with MATLAB and Simulink
  • Use social media outlets and prevalent communication channels at the university to spread awareness for MathWorks Student Challenges and resources available to learn MATLAB and Simulink
  • Promote MathWorks presence at university career fairs, information sessions and other recruiting events

Eindhoven University

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