• 17 september 2021
  • vacaturenummer: 463448

Are you looking for a fun job that is not too physically demanding? At Spotta we offer full- and part time possibilities. And the option to keep growing within Spotta. Read this vacancy to find out more about work as a feederfiller. Maybe you will be the newest member of out team!

€11,34 gross pay per hour for age 18 and older

Surcharges: 20% after 22:00 and 30% after 00:00

A fun team of coworkers

A bonus at the end of the year!

Possibilities to grow

The option to work parttime and fulltime

  • You live within 50 kilometers from Spotta
  • You speak English or Dutch
  • Standing up for long periods of time are no issue

Spotta makes packages out of folders filled with advertisements. These packages get made by a machine. It is your job to make sure this machine keeps running. You fill the machine up with folders and fix small malfunctions.

The work at Spotta keeps going from tuesday till saturday. The work is done in three shifts:

Day: 06:00 till 14:00
Evening: 14:00 till 22:00
Night: 22:00 till 06:00

Curious to see what this job really looks like? Be sure to check out this video!

You will be working at Spotta. Spotta makes advertisement folders that get used all over the country. When you do a good job here you will get the opportunity to grow into an operator. Spotta is also very open to the idea of getting good employees contracts to offer them more stability.

You can find Spotta on Eekhorstweg 2 in Meppel. It is easily accessible by car.

Would you like to work with Spotta?
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Do not hesitate and get in contact via e-mail on talentcenter.noordoost@nl.randstad.com or send us a Whatsapp message with 06-10565325 (don't call, only text)

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