• 21 juli 2021
  • vacaturenummer: 455507

Are you looking for a physical warehouse job? You can work at Ceva! Are both sides satisfied? Then you have the opportunity to get a permanent contract.

A salary of € 10,73 per hour

The change to get a permanent job

Job that takes your personal development seriously

Travel allowance with a maximum of € 11,20 per day

Opportunity to develop in the company

  • You are able request a VOG;
  • You are available for at least 4 days in the week;
  • You have basic computer;
  • You have some experience working with an EPT;
  • You are physically strong enough to carry at least 20 kilos;
  • Your speaking English or Dutch.

At CEVA you are going to work as a warehouse worker. It will be a very physical job where you need to lift around 20 kilos. In the morning you will divide the tasks. You will have a lot of different tasks in the warehouse-like order picker, packing, scanning, and sorting products. You will work with an EPT. At the end of the day, all the packages have to be ready for sending to the customers.

At CEVA they expect you to think along the tasks that have to be done that day.

  • You will be working between 08:00 and 23:00. You have to be available between these times to work.

At CEVA they don’t have their own specific product. They are doing the logistic work for other companies. They are doing this also for a post company. CEVA saves the product in their warehouse for other companies. Ceva is a company who invests in their employees. They spend time on your personal development. You will get the chance to work at other departments as well. You can improve your experience and knowledge.

  • The address of CEVA is Prismalaan Oost 17-19.
  • You will get a travel allowance. This is € 0,19 per kilometer with a maximum of € 11,90 per day.

Are you the warehouse worker that CEVA is looking for? Please apply!

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