• 30 april 2021
  • vacaturenummer: 455454

Are you looking for a new challenge in you're career? Do you like a job with opportunities in the future? At Ceva Maarssen you can work full time as a warehouse employee. Do both sides like it? Then you have the chance of a permanent contract.

Your Salary will be 10,60 pro hour

Maximum 11,20 for you're travel expenses a day.

The opportunity to get a permanent contract.

In a place where your opinion counts.

Possibility to develop in the company.

35% surcharge after 21:00

  • You can apply for a VOG;
  • you are at least 40 hours available in a week, Monday is mandatory;
  • you are physical strong (your lifting a lot of heavy products from a construction market;
  • Your speaking English or Dutch.

At Ceva in Maarssen you will work as a warehouse employee. You get a real all-round position here. Together with your new colleagues you ensure that everything is regularly. In the morning you start with a day start. Everyone gets a turn to lead the day start. The company expected that you have your own ideas about the processes.

After the day start everyone goes to work. Your tasks will be from order picking, packing to loading/ unloading. You will also have to do physical work. Order picking will partly be done with the EPT. With the team you ensure that everything is arranged.

At Ceva you will work from Monday till Friday. You can work from 11:00 -20:00 or from 09.00 till 18.00

  • 09.00-18.00
  • 11.00-20.00

Ceva is an organization that arranges logistics for their customers. Ceva does this work for many companies for example a hardware store. Ceva is looking for employees who want to work here for a longer period of time. At Ceva you get the opportunity to develop within logistics. You will perform many different tasks.

  • The address from Ceva is Industrieweg 24.
  • You get a Travel allowance from 19 cents pro kilometer. This is maximum of 11,20 a day.

Interested? Apply directly and make sure that you CV is online. We respond as soon as possible.