• 18 februari 2021
  • vacaturenummer: 454821

For Super Micro in 's-Hertogenbosch we are looking for a Quality Engineer for the production department.

Den Bosch

€2800,- to €3000,- (based on experience)

Leading company in IT

We are searching for a Quality Engineer for Production who will work with senior management of the global production operations in establishing quality-focus teams, mandating standard practices of quality principles and will attend to the oversight responsibility to all global operations sites and cross-functional departments.

  • Extensive knowledge of the composition of computers and servers;
  • Excellent command of the English language.

In this job you are responsible for the quality inspections of the companies products. You will be preforming the following tasks:

  • Monitoring, reviewing and controlling manufacturing processes;
  • Providing feedback to improve supplier quality management and to improve product design;
  • Component quality control, testing, inspection and experiments (and collaborating with the engineering department to do so);
  • Solve quality issues of the material;
  • Compiling data for feedback reports;
  • Failure analysis and finding root causes to improve the quality of CM processes;
  • Supplier audit to suppliers and the CM.

This company is a global leader in high server technology and innovation of IT. Here you will have colleagues from about 15 different countries, so in the whole company they speak English. The team you will be working in is very close; you for example will have a nice time during your breaks with them. You will have 15 direct colleagues, which are divided into subteams.

The working hours for this company are fulltime and in day shifts. You work between 09:00 & 17:30. Because of the deliver agreements with their clients, it’s possible that you will do some overtime. If you have to work overtime, the company will provide you with a meal. Overtime is never until 12 in the evening, but mostly around 1 or 2.

  • 4 years of experience with electronic and computer products;
  • Experience with quality management / supplier quality control;
  • Knowledge/experience of system integration business;
  • Experience with repairing/debugging components;
  • If you have knowledge of MS Excel that’s a plus;
  • You’ve worked in a management role before;
  • Being able to lift up to 23 kilos.

Do you like this job and do you have the acquired knowledge and skills? Then apply with the button bellow. You can also call us about it on 0736903370. When you apply we will contact you within 48 hours, so you can start working there soon!