• 09 april 2021
  • vacaturenummer: 454650

We are looking for a warehouse employee, that will start out as an orderpicker but will grow to become an allrounder in the warehouse. You make €10,17 bruto per hour as a starter (till €11,28 with experience), no matter your age and after 22:00 you make an additional 35%!

Because of the location (Bijsterhuizen, Wijchen) and the hours (15:00-00:00) you need to have your own transportation. Public transit is not an option.

A good athmosphere

Minimum of 40 hours

A big parkinglot right in front of the door

We are looking for you, when you are:

  • Active (you walk around a lot, up to 10 km a day!)
  • Someone who can work well together and by yourself
  • Someone who is willing to learn

You start out as an orderpicker but will continue on to do more in the warehouse, such as sealing, scannen, packing machine etc.

You will work in a big warehouse in Bijsterhuizen, Wijchen.

Interested? Make sure to apply through the website with a recent and updated resume.