• 12 mei 2021
  • vacaturenummer: 443713

The company Flamco in Bunschoten-Spakenburg is looking for a production employee. At Flamco you can work full-time during the week of in the weekend. If you like to work in an industrial environment, this is the job for you.

A bruto salary of € 12,39 each hour exl. allowance

A job with a international company

The chance to develop yourself

A traveling allowance of € 0,19 each km

A netto salary of 15,71 pro hour incl. allowance.

You can’t reach Flamco with the public transport. That’s why you need to have a car to travel with. Also you need to live a maximum of 40 km from Flamco. This because of the maximum travel allowance that we pay (max. €9,81 each day).

  • You can speak Dutch or English;
  • You can do heavy work for 8 hours or longer;
  • You got experience with working on the production line;
  • You live a maximum of 40 km away from Flamco and got your own transport.

As a production employee you will help produce different parts from the boiler. At Flamco you will get the chance to start at the bottom and develop yourself. At Flamco you will work in a busy environment. As a production employee you will work at the line with a colleague. With your colleague you will put two parts together. This is heavy work where you have to keep the speed of the line.

Do you work a longer time at Flamco? Then you can grow from your position as a production employee. You can grow to an operator, welder or a reach trucker.

  • You can work during the week. Then you will work in 3 different shifts. The shifts from 7:00 till 15:00, 15:00 till 24:00 and from 24:00 till 7:00.
  • Also you can work in the weekend. Then you will work on Saturday and Sunday. You will work 6:00 till 18:00. If you work these shifts then you will get paid for 40 hours.

Flamco is a company that makes boilers an parts of a boiler. The company exists since the 50’s. In the 50’s they made their own expansion vessel. With this Flamco became a big company. Flamco is always improving their products and their quality. As a production employee you will be part of a great company.

  • Flamco is moving to Almere this year. That's why we're looking for somebody that can also work in Almere.

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