• 32 uur
  • € 9,60 per uur

Warehouse employee Picnic

  • 02 juli 2018
  • 32 uur
  • € 9,60 per uur


  • 02 juli 2018
  • vacaturenummer: 3130

A cool fulltime logistical job in a special environment. It's probably not the first time you have heard this. But Picnic in Utrecht delivers. So maybe you should consider continuing reading this job ad for a warehouse employee!

A cool job, because:
- You play darts during your interview (no, we are not kidding)
- You decide whether you work during the day or in the evening
- You get a raise after 4 weeks of work (€ 9,84 for 22 years and older)
- You get free lunch or dinner

Working as warehouse employee
To be honest: working in the warehouse of Picnic is similar to working in other warehouses. In the sense that you are responsible for collecting the right products in the right order. So you need to be physically fit.

Warehouse employee 2.0
But in every other way Picnic in Utrecht is a little bit different. Being the first online supermarket in the Netherlands Picnic innovates and grows like crazy. This is also the reason why Picnic is looking for warehouse employees 2.0: you are enthusiastic, a little bit stubborn and you like working at a place that can change any second.

And maybe you will stick around as fulltime warehouse employee a little bit longer than you expected beforehand...

What do we ask?
- You are available for at least 4 days a week
- You can work 2 out of 4 Saturdays
- You don't mind rolling up your sleeves

Will you support the development of Picnic in Utrecht as warehouse employee 2.0? Than apply through this job ad! For questions you can always app (06-10818304), e-mail or call us!

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor zowel mannen als vrouwen.


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