Warehouse employee HEMA Utrecht

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aantal uur
32 uur
€ 9,48 per uur
4 dagen per week


A warehouse that includes all the logistical positions you could ever wish for. When it suits you. That's what working at HEMA in Utrecht is all about.

Jobs at HEMA
Do you think you are the ideal order picker for one of the most modern warehouses of the Netherlands? Or do you think you can help us loading and unloading products? Or do you believe packing suits you? In all cases you can work for HEMA in Utrecht.

Working for HEMA
Because regardless of your personal work preferences your characteristics are the same: you are a go getter and you don't lose sight of your accuracy.

Want to see what working for Hema is all about? Then click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71LY_6QwI6s

What do we offer?
- A gross salary of € 9,48 an hour (for 22 years and older)
- Different shifts from 7.00 o'clock till 23.45 o'clock (you decide!)
- Surcharges up to 33 % for irregular hours
- Traveling expenses up to 40 kilometres from Utrecht

Gross salary per age
- 22 years and older: €9,48
- 21 years: €8,06
- 20 years: €6,64
- 19 years: €5,22
- 18 years: €4,51
- 17 years: €3,75
- 16 years: €3,27

300.000.000 products
From our warehouses in Utrecht HEMA supplies its shops and customers with the right amount of products. The total amount of products that we process each year? Over 300.000.000!

What do we expect?
- You have the will to work
- You are fit

How to apply?
Do you want to work for HEMA in Utrecht? Then apply by using the button at the bottom of this page. And keep your phone close by, because we will call you within no time!

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor zowel mannen als vrouwen.



Romaysa Es-Soussi & Daniek van Domselaar


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