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For an international farmaceutical company in Haarlem we are looking for:

Medical Students in training to act as
Patient Support Program (PSP) research consultant for hospitals
for 8 hours per week, on a workday
for a period of 12 months

In this job you have the following objectives;
- Access centres in Nordics and NL with different level of PSP support to
- Ensure hospitals have an understanding of the potential value of the PSP to patients
- Develop a research paper on the value and different implementation strategies of the PSP
- Which type of combination of PSP (different level of support) work best and for which patients?
- Being present during the infusion helping the IV experience and gaining valuable patient feedback to improve the experience
- Training the patients enhancing the acceptance of therapy and programme
- Developing Patients Cases to act as stimulus for other centres should the project be successful
- Investigate optimum uptake of the consent process
- Identify areas for PSP improvement .

We are looking for Medical students in training to act in data entry, analysis and publications coming out of severe asthma registries (for example; Rhapsody data base in the Netherlands)
- Reaching out to hospitals and identifying interest in the Rhapsody data base
- Helping hospitals to register the data in the Rhapsody data base.
- Identify valuable data and collect these
- Translate valuable data in scientific publications like patient case reports
- Ensure publication of the publications in journals/articles in cooperation with the experts/specialists in the hospital.

You will be given the opportunity to get a better understanding of:
- Hospital organizations and the different stakeholders and their role
- Pharmaceutical companies and their interactions with HCP's and Health Care Organisations
- The role of patient support programs in treatment of severe asthma
- Usage of a patient data base and translating data into scientific publications/articles.

Key Competencies:
- Are you registered as a Medical Student at a Medical Faculty of a University?
- Are you interested in clinical research and patient support programs?
- Are you capable of multi-tasking?
- Are you flexible in thinking and acting?
- Are you available for the complete duration of the project for at least 12 Months?
- Are you in the final stage of your basic medical education before starting your internships?
- Are you available for 8 hours a week?

Please, send in your CV and motivation letter as soon as possible!

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor zowel mannen als vrouwen.



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